Who Does She Think She Is?


If you’ve been online as long as I have, then you’ve carved out a few places for yourself there. Here are some more places I call home.

This is where my spin-off virtual assistant/virtual legal secretary website lives.
This is my web design business that I run together with my partner in crime, Ivan Minic, Belgrade’s most eligible bachelor and geek!
This is my web design sandbox where I have some projects I work on (learning as I go), or where I develop client projects if they don’t already have their hosting account set up.
This is my cats’ web site. It started out with Simon and Sunny, and progressed to Duncan and Phoebe.
I grabbed this domain for my husband years ago in the hopes he would start writing. When he became paralyzed in September 2003, it became a vehicle for keeping his family and friends updated. When he passed away in December 2011, I turned it into a permanent memorial site.