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Edwin Starr Was Right.

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War (3.87 MB). What IS it good for? Absolutely nothing!

On this British news site, even Americans (or at least people who LIVE here) are speaking out against the proposed war on Iraq. One California resident posted:

… Amid bellicose statements from the White House, Mr. Bush has made the overthrow of Saddam Hussein one of the main objectives of his administration. Europeans are not keen on the idea. “Before Sept. 11, the U.S. and Europe were slowly drifting apart, but now it looks like they’re on a collision course,” said Ivo Daalder, a Dutch-born former Clinton administration official now with the Brookings Institution. “While many hoped that U.S. foreign policy would be more to Europe’s liking,” Mr. Daalder said, “Washington has been even more unilateralist than before, more insistent on having its way and more dismissive of the perspectives of others-whether it is on rebuilding Afghanistan, addressing underlying causes of terrorism, or broadening the scope of the war on terrorism.” European officials now sense that they must shout in order to be heard in a warlike, messianic Washington, and even then, wonder if it matters. This too moves us toward the End, because as the nations of the world see that America pays little attention to them, they find that they need to unite to speak more with one voice and to provide a counterbalance to American power. And they build up their own economies and military forces to be able to act independent from the U.S. as well, as Europe is doing now. So America, in her selfishness, pride, self-glorification and aggrandizement, is driving the other nations of the world together in opposition to her!

And this guy was even daring (or foolish, depending on your view) enough to post his complete contact information (postal address, email address and telephone number), such was the strength of his conviction that he was right.

Before now, I have refrained from blogging about anything remotely political because quite frankly, I slept through social studies, government and all other such classes. I glance at the front page, but when the pundits start their jaws flapping, my eyes tend to glaze over. I just can’t keep up with it beyond the fundamentals. And I try not to write about things unless I know (or at least believe I know) a little something about the subject matter. So that pretty much leaves political science out as a Joni Blog Topic.

Still, if asked, I will say that I don’t believe war (this specific war against Iraq, or war in general) will solve anything. And I think we’ve turned our attention away from what originally sparked this whole thing, and that is the terrorists led by Osama Bin-Laden (if he’s even still alive, and I have my doubts about that too). How did we get from Afghanistan to Iraq? And we had a crack at “Mad Ass” ten years ago. We couldn’t catch him then. Who really believes we’ll be successful now? And what is the price to be paid either way, success or failure?

Is this about revenge for the terrorist attacks of last September? Is it about oil? Is it about protecting Israel? Or have the media just become so ravenous for “news” that a war, for its own sake, is the only thing that will quench their thirst?

Good God, y’all, indeed.

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