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Dropping the “Mr.” and “Mrs.”

Posted by Joni in Media


For the fucking love of Christ, people are going insane over political correctness and throwing all good sense out the window.

First nearly a year ago today, Mrs. Dash changed its name to just “Dash.” Not to be outdone, today Hasbros announced that a beloved childhood toy, Mr. Potato Head, would likewise be dropping the “Mr.” from its moniker, citing its desire to allow “kids to create their own potato families with two moms or two dads, a ‘celebration of the many faces of families'” as the reason for the change.

I actually understand the reasoning behind Hasbro’s move. Mrs. Dash, not so much. For Hasbro, it feels the need (rightly) to cater to the transgender and non-binary communities. Mrs. Dash’s “divorce” from a silent and presumed present Mr. Dash makes no sense whatsoever.

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