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DROP What You’re Doing and Send CASH!

Posted by Joni in General

Brian, at Memento Moron, is urging everyone to help out fellow blogger Da Goddess in her time of need.

I’ve found a neat program perfect for this cause and others like it. This program, Drop Cash requires a Typekey login and a PayPal account to use it, but these days, who doesn’t have both?

I’ve set up a DropCash account for Roberto, in fact, right here.

See how easy that was? I’m wondering how long it will take WordPress to jump on that bandwagon.

Oh, and lookie here, I already created a button (or as Greg says, a “butt-on”) for you to save to your hard drive and link to your own drop cash campaign. (Or mine. Or Joanie’s.)

DropCash Icon/Button

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