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Drive-Thru Drive-By

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Coming home from the hospital tonight (I took the night off from Big Law to take care of Robo’s medical issues), I ended up in a drive thru in an admittedly not so great part of town (between TMC and my hood). Next thing I know, I am rear-ended and pushed forward several feet by the idiot in the black SUV behind me who was actually gunning for her passenger who’d stepped up to the drive-thru window on foot. They fled the scene of course. Police were called, but what could they do, really? I’m sure that by morning those two will have forgotten the episode. However, just in case a dead body or two should turn up, there is at least a semblance of a report and a vague description of the vehicle and occupants (on my part), eyewitness accounts (on the parts of two servers), and drive-thru lane video footage. Oy. The damage wasn’t bad; I probably won’t even report it. The irony is that there is this exact establishment blocks from my home, but I wanted to sip iced tea on the 20 minute drive from TMC to my driveway; otherwise I’d have waited until I was closer to home.

Do you want crime scene tape with those fries, ma'am?

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