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Do They Get It Yet?

Posted by Joni in General

Are the Muslims starting to catch on that it’s okay to poke fun a bit, because we Westerners enjoy free speech and freedom of the press? Do they now understand that such things can be done in the name of freedom of expression and that no one’s embassy is going to be torched because someone Photoshopped (and badly I might add) this?

One can only hope. Unfortunately, I don’t think the noble explanation is the correct one. Instead, it’s more likely that they are just baiting, for the sake of it. That the whole time these fundamentalist Muslim clerics have been loudly complaining [I’m not providing links; that’s what Google is for; use it] that an apology is not enough for the “heinous” and “vicious” crime that was perpetrated on the Muslim people and their (not MY) Prophet, but that **blood** — anyone’s — must be shed and now, these Muslims can do what amounts to the same thing and get away with it.

They will “get away with it” because the Western way works and this insanity does not, because it doesn’t have a logical leg to stand on. Does anyone know what the Islam (?) word is for “tolerance”? Anyone? Anyone?

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