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Did I Miss Anything?

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As you can see if you’re reading this, I’m back online. Over the past few weeks, I’ve been busy. Doing something I don’t normally do. Reading up on politics, the impending war and other front page events. What happened, basically is that I haven’t stopped watching TV news since the shuttle incident two weeks ago. So I’ve been soaking all the information up about the UN and Iraq and Bush and all the other usual suspects.

I’ve read the arguments “for” (“let’s go kick some ass”-type rhetoric as well as some more reasoned pieces about protecting and defending freedom, not only for ourselves but for the world as a whole). I’ve also read the “against” arguments. (War solves nothing, dominance is not freedom, we’re sending the kids to die for oil, it’s a daddy Bush juggernaut and it’s not about defending rights and freedoms.)

I guess you could say after collecting and processing all that information, I’ve chosen up sides. I’ve made up my mind (MY mind) that this war — or any other war for that matter — won’t solve anything, it won’t bring peace. If it does anything, it wil exacerbate matters. And then we will have a shitstorm on our hands. One of OUR making. As in: Bed. Made. Lie.

My mindset was evident to you if you visited my page on February 15. So if that automatically lumps me, in your narrow little mind, into the pigeonhole category of anti-war, liberal, leftist, Marxist, radical, hippy, pacifist, fascist, (insert alternate epithet here), then so be it.

Just because I personally am opposed to this country going to war with Iraq (or any other nation) does not automatically transform me into Jane Fonda, Susan Sarandon, Sean Penn, a tree hugger, a surfboarder, a skateboarder, a GreenPeace missionary or any other kind of anti-war, liberal, leftist, Marxist, radical, hippy, pacifist, fascist! (Why MUST we all have labels?)

Despite what the war bloggers and right-wing pundits would have you believe, not everyone who protests this war (in whatever way they see fit to) or who speaks out against it necessarily aligns with Hussein or the al-Queda or Usama Bin Laden. It doesn’t mean that I am not deeply appreciative of the soldiers who are fighting over there now and the others who will probably be called to fight. Just because I don’t want to see a war that if launched might possibly escalate into the very last war this earth ever has, doesn’t mean I feel like aiding and abetting Hussein or the al-Queda or the Taliban.

And it does not make me any less a patriot of this country. To state, blindly, without even knowing me (and you DO NOT know me; you only know what I permit you to know about me), that because I am anti-war, I must also be anti-American is just plain silly. I AM an American, I live here, I enjoy this country’s freedoms and I obey her laws. I am industrious and I contribute to society in what I perceive to be a meaningful manner. I just don’t happen to share the viewpoint of some of you out there. But, then again, this is not the FIRST TIME this has arisen. And it surely won’t be the last.

Believe me, people, nothing in life is cut and dried. And people’s political beliefs aren’t, either. And what I find very interesting about all this (besides being very disappointed in several people who I had previously held in fairly high regard until they spilled their sewage today) is that the pro-war “patriots” cannot seem to mount a defense of their viewpoint (or an attack of mine) without launching into a tirade or character assassination. Is that the only ammunition you have with which to make your argument? To call me fat? To belittle me personally, rather than my beliefs? Then it sounds to me like you have no argument.

My final comment is this: It is a war with no winners. You’ll all probably be doing your silly little victory dances upon piles of radioactive rubble.

And I’m not going to argue here or on anyone else’s blog about this. As far as I’m concerned, with regard to MY PERSONAL VIEWPOINT on this issue, the matter is closed.

You are all welcome back here. Unlike some posturing fops (who shall remain linkless and nameless here), I won’t, in a fit of feminine pique, remove their blogs from my blogrolls. Get over yourselves already.

“Miss Sophia home now!”

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