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Designing Woman

Posted by Joni in General

I hope everyone’s having a safe and happy holiday! I enjoyed my five days off, but it’s back to work tomorrow.

I’ve spent quite a bit of time on site redesigns. Oh, but don’t worry. This project is a little more involved but when finished will be worth it. It will satisfy (hopefully) my need to tweak and fiddle, and give you the fruits of those labors. I’m working on making this site skinnable. So it’s a complete overhaul, including making sure every single template works with the master stylesheet so all I need to do is change some values. So far I’ve got four prospective designs up. I’ve cleaned up the code to where the templates are completely driven by the stylesheets. A mere cut and paste of one style sheet in place of another would result in a completely new site design.

But of course it would be nice for you to be in the driver’s seat there. That will come in time. In the meanwhile, don’t be startled if you come here and don’t see the familiar red-gray-white color scheme. It’s just me changing clothes again….

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