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  • What’s on tap for tomorrow? Me: coding, pics of me w/new haircut (1st to my best friend then to net) & talking to best friend on chat .. #
  • Full of orangey goodness and living up to his name “creative” RT @imjustcreative Free Social Community Theme (coded) (http://ping.fm/0uJZV) #
  • Thinking about my best friend today, as always, just a bit more. Sending warm thoughts and hugs across the sea. Hang in there! #
  • You gotta love someone whose tagline is “ProDeveloper is organism that turns coffee into software.” Now following @djuki. #
  • It’s always those small moments in life that can bring the most joy. Sometimes, we don’t always see that. #
  • People who claim to be friends shouldn’t make you feel bad. #

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