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  • Just made cup of hot tea (Assam, from leaves). I’m not sick but hot tea with honey & lemon chases the cold away. That & a fat cat @ my side. #
  • Best Pizza in Houston: Star; Best Burger in Austin: Dan’s on Menchaca; Best Burger in San Antonio: Chris Madrid’s. Now I’m hungry. #
  • I’ve got two contracts to write, I guess the fact that our web design site needs major overhauling isn’t bothering these guys. Phew! #
  • Spare me from psychotic attys who can’t bother with “I need…” but treat us like furniture. I put my degree up against hers any day. #
  • RT @amerikanka RT @ivanbrezakbrkan — new http://www.gadgeterija.net, built by my man @markodugonjic. #
  • Create your own Twitter Group and invite your friends to join… It’s easy! http://twittgroups.com Please Retweet. #
  • Just created 2 #TwittGroups (waiting for approval), #ChildFreeByChoice and #ParaplegicSupport. Join a group today! http://tinyurl.com/5dt46u #
  • To all you “It’s snowing!” peeps: You see white stuff here in Houston it’s either Bolivian marching powder or a BAD case of dandruff. :D #
  • We: nice, warm, twittering. Others not so lucky, forced slavery, inhuman conditions. Sign Human Rights Petition Now: http://bit.ly/ZUVt #

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