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Daily Twitter Diary

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  • Let the superbowl tweeting begin – w/o me. Headed home to fix supper; hubby will eat in front of TV, I’m taking my plate upstairs to work. #
  • Jibberish userid, bewbage as avatar, single get rich quick post. What are the chances that not only won’t I follow, but I’ll block you?! ;) #
  • TTFN my beloved tweeps. Off for awhile. Be nice to each other while I’m away. #
  • Fat fluffy cats laying @ foot of the bed make excellent footrests. Just sayin. #
  • Feeling like eavesdropper on Twitter lately. Too many @ replies, not enuff plain old tweets. :( #
  • Okay. My one and only Superbowl tweet: Robert (my ‘awful wedded husband’) predicts Philly victory. #
  • I would give anything to lay in bed all morning & not have to go into the office today. But 10-day vacation starts Feb. 13! #

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