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  • #3forlunch Robert Schimmel, Jimmy Carter, Eric Meyers. #
  • Outlook can bite you in the butt. Here’s proof. RT @nomadtoes @carolynelefant Classic mistake.http://bit.ly/gX6L #
  • If you think web designers & graphic artists are sensitive prima donnas, try working with a few of macho contractors. Been there, done that. #
  • A tragedy that could have been avoided. 11 year old’s legs severed while playing around slow moving railcar. http://tinyurl.com/cpda8k #
  • Amen! RT @LilPecan @creativechick I’ll give [anyone] a chance (unless their only tweet is to a marketing site) but they need SOMETHING! #
  • RT @graphicstart RT @pixelitadesigns Careful migrating Feedburner > Google if you have a lot of email subscribers: http://tinyurl.com/56ffpv #
  • RT @KTRKHouston Why can’t I have this kinda luck? 3 highway workers picked up abandoned tire and found $100K inside http://u.mavrev.com/15dh #
  • RT @pixelitadesigns New post up: Taming that email inbox, plus 10 bonus links at the end. http://tinyurl.com/adaxxn #
  • RT @styletime http://bit.ly/7rBz What the author suggests is selling one’s online “reputation” if I read it right, correct? #
  • I had to gently remind my husband that even tho I’m 50, don’t expect me to act my age. Why start now, huh? :D #
  • Agree re snark, story conceded some n’working benefit. RT @dhowell Mostly snarky article re legal field/social n’working http://ff.im/-K1Su #
  • Lawyers new to blogging, this is a must-read: RT @Rex7 Thinking of starting a legal blog? Read this – http://bit.ly/4FG4 #

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