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  • For all you fathers of daughters out there. I never had one. This always makes me cry. http://tinyurl.com/6rh5wx #
  • “The Twitter Experiment-Get Involved”… http://www.tinyurl.com/5c4yej #
  • Albanians deface Serbian websites. Okay now what the fuck is their problem? http://tinyurl.com/68x3cq #
  • To my lazy-ass co-workers: Either work, learn how to use Word, or get the fuck out and let me do my job. Jesus. </rant> #
  • That’s it for me. I have to work both days this weekend. Cya later gators! Be nice to each other while I’m gone. :) #
  • #top7 WomenTweeps @mollydotcom, @kristacolvin, @dooce, @venomouskate, @dhowell, @shopalicious, @anca_foster #
  • RT @edragonu Let’s all play Top Seven Tweeps: format: #top7 [category] … @and @name @those @names @seven @in @all! #
  • #top7 legaltweeps: @KevinOKeefe, @LexMonitor, @RickHorowitz, @PaulBKennedy, @DToddSmith, @Darren_Mish, @ErnieAttorney #

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