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Daily Twitter Diary

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  • Tactile feedback for your keys, helpful on a netbook like my ASUS eee 900HA. http://www.grc.com/freeware/clickey.htm #
  • Famous Louis Wain cats change dramatically as artist descends into madness. http://wimp.com/catguy/ #
  • Great links just keep coming! RT @steffanantonas 100 Killer WordPress Resources post hit Delicious hotlist. http://tinyurl.com/6jp7to #
  • Now you’ve got something to do tonight: RT @steffanantonas 10 Awesome Ways to Integrate Twitter With Your Website http://tinyurl.com/cghybv #
  • Getting one’s finger (“the” finger, too!) caught in the icemaker does not make for a productive evening of typing. Just sayin. #
  • #followfriday @designpepper, @thezenofblog, @bigbrightbulb, @sethsimonds, @aaroni268, @poweredbysteam, @lilpecan, @copyrightlaw. #
  • Top of the morning to you all… And dobar dan to my friends across the pond! Whazzup, Twitterverse? #

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