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Daily Twitter Diary

Posted by Joni in General


  • If your domain is paymodels.com, uh, I’m not likely to follow you. And I’ll prolly block you. Nothing personal, I’m just choosy. #
  • Happy to retweet a favorite app by a favorite Tweeter: RT @@imjustcreative Project man. try @activecollab http://www.activecollab.com/ #
  • I wish Twitter would change this rule: “You cannot send messages to users who are not following you.” #
  • Go Jayne! RT @kristacolvin excited for my friend Jayne… her handbag will be on Ugly Betty tonite! her site…www.designsbyjayne.com #
  • Managed to get my dishwasher going after a power outage yesterday. Fear me. (No, really. Fear me. I might accidentally burn the house down!) #
  • Trying to figure out how to mortise this comp to WP. If only CSS let you create vertical text (90 degree rotation). If. Only. #

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