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Daily Twitter Diary

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  • Just don’t drive while tweeting: RT @problogger Reading: HOW TO: Use Twitter on the Go – http://tinyurl.com/8ybfqb #
  • ROTFLMAO! RT @styletime RT @poweredbysteam: @styletime <;?php echo $hand(‘middlefinger’); ?>; @RobertBasic are you paying attention?! #
  • If I’m following you, rest assured it’s because I know you, like you or find you interesting. There’s just no other reason in my book. :) #
  • RT @DouglasKarr Mmm – a Triple Bypass Burger! http://is.gd/gnt8 My husband would go just to ogle the “nurses” {{snort}} #
  • OOh, schweet! RT @styletime Stylizing Threaded/Nested Comments in WordPress 2.7 http://bit.ly/12R3Q #
  • RT @bobambrogi LawSites blog: A Great Video Tutorial about Facebook http://tinyurl.com/79tddy #
  • RT @DraganBabic has just redesigned his mom’s blog, check it out at http://www.makar-one.com [holler if you see wonks] Looks fine in FF, IE6 #
  • RT @pixelitadesigns Web designers, set yourself apart from the herd. Designing call to action buttons: http://tinyurl.com/54qflo #
  • Do YOU know how your co.’s name is spelled? Look at the 2-ft. tall brass letters in the lobby, on your coffee mug, on your friggin paycheck! #
  • Sitting here proofing a 70 page doc and amazed that some here don’t know that there is NOT a comma after the firm name and before the LLC. #
  • RT @ZQuared RT @pixelitadesigns Design freelancers, good read about pricing; time to overhaul your biz model? #
  • Bush tours country to see damage he caused. ROTFLMAO #humor http://www.wimp.com/tourguy/ #
  • Took cab to work to avoid traffic from #houstonmarathon and streets were wide open. Wonder how @PaulBKennedy did at marathon. #
  • Commute to DT Houston is gonna suck this morning due to marathon. UGH! At least I have an excuse for being late. #
  • Sponsor of monster truck show in denial. “Two of our customers were injured.” Dead does not equal injured. http://tinyurl.com/76crkx #
  • Heading to sleep now after a bit of coding. Gotta work all day at the law firm tomorrow. Then I have three days off! whoo hoo! #
  • Looking for some cute Twitterbirds to liven up your web site? Look no further! http://siahdesign.com/archives/150 #

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