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  • Legal eagles and others looking for Project Mgmt tools, check out http://www.wrike.com … free 30 day trial, no cc required. #
  • Houstonites .. Tax Assessor Collector Paul Bettancourt resigned. hmm. #
  • So tell me what you think of the OJ sentence. Think jury may have harbored resentment re Nicole Simpson murder? Or was the verdict fair? #
  • Attention all you busy, overwhelmed women out there: You all need organizing. Head over to http://www.theshebang.com/ .. simplify your life! #
  • Don’t forget December 10: RT @HumanRightsDay NEW POST on http://OneDayforHumanRights http://bit.ly/Ltne thanks to @lagaba! #
  • But first: OJ sentenced to six years in a Nevada state pen. Let the appeals begin. Oy. I’m off. Bye now! #
  • Headed to pharmacy in search of something better than Aleve liqui-gels to quell this unending pain pain PAIN. Wish me luck. #

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