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  • RT @Serbia Kosovo situation alarming #b92: This week’s stabbing of a Serb boy & arrest of the Gnjilane Group .. http://tinyurl.com/8grn33 #
  • How marbles are made. I have a necklace made of marbles and it’s beautiful. (And heavy!) http://wimp.com/marblesjob/ #
  • During pendency of hubby’s medmal litig atty told me to take down ALL internet items except my web design site. (Cuz of Google I guess.) #
  • Legal Eagles: Should you be blogging/tweeting/writing on ongoing cases anyway? Even if facts in public record? Just curious your thoughts. #
  • Help Kevin build that Top 10 List/WOS: RT @kevinokeefe More PI Lawyer crap on blogs http://is.gd/euOf a candidate for wall of shame. . . #

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