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  • Looking forward to @KevinOKeefe’s Top Ten List of Worst Law Blogs (cuz I hate using the word “blawgs” as much as “blogosphere”! :) #
  • Solved #TinyURL problem. It was Zone Alarm Pro; it treated the site as spyware and had it blocked. Gah. Now all is well in the joniverse. #
  • Okay men, @RickHorowitz started it … What’s your idea of the most beautiful woman? #
  • RT @jonimueller is anyone else on the planet getting “The connection was reset” consistently for TinyURL? I can’t access any links using TU. #
  • Does ANYONE out there have any idea why my computer will not let me access tinyurl.com? I even added it to trusted zone in Zone Alarm. ??? #

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