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Daily Twitter Diary

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  • Dammitalltohell why does twitter automatically convert to tinyurl?! jesus.
    http:// http://www. moonbattery.com/archives/rabid-dog.jpg #
  • I’m feeling a bit like this right now: http://tinyurl.com/8hsdcz #
  • WTF is up with TinyURL, it’s down more often than not lately; is Twitter to blame? I’m switching to something else. Ugh!! #
  • Been up all night working on web projects and now it’s time to hit the hay for a bit; pain meds just wore off. Gnight all. #
  • Wm Sledd on Murses (Man Purses). I wish my husband would get one. I’m tired of carrying his crap in my purse! http://seixea.notlong.com #
  • My current desktop on the office (web design) puter. http://www.flickr.com/photos/jonimueller/3137762190/sizes/o/ #
  • This makes me want to shake my butt across the room. (warning: not English, but the emotion is still there) http://alahr.notlong.com #

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