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Daily Twitter Diary

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  • Note to twitterers: If your tweets fill up an entire page and a half of my timeline, you are gonna get dropped like a barbell. #
  • More #whatchaget — hubby said go wild on cooking.com and I did. Calphalon grill, KitchenAid spatulas, Amana microwave oven. Thanks babe. #
  • #whatchaget ASUS eee 900AH from best friend, crocus bulbs & pots from a boss, huge bonus from law firm, new doctor from ins. carrier. :) #
  • Most men can’t tie a Windsor knot stone cold sober! :D #
  • RT @eniac When you’re talented, doesn’t matter how much you’ve had to drink! Newest Internets celeb! (watch video) :P http://is.gd/dtiz #
  • Merry Christmas everyone. #

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