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  • I think the Serbian tradition is way cool. Revelry and gift giving for NYE and solemn Orthodox Christmas on Jan. 7. Hristos se rodi! #
  • How many of you have more than 75% of your Christmas shopping done yet? Don’t lie! #
  • Since we don’t have kids & few relatives, we get off easy for Xmas. I got hubby a Sony Brava HDTV in Oct. So: Merry Christmas hon! #
  • My husband swears I was a badger in another life due to my relentless determination and bullheadedness. :) http://www.wimp.com/justnuts/ #
  • My virtual holiday card to all of you. enjoy! http://www.wimp.com/neatlights/ #
  • RT @DanSchawbel How to Brand Yourself When You Have a Twin: When you have a unique name, face, personal brand.. http://tinyurl.com/7wd7ne #
  • RT @PaulBKennedy You mean instead of, like, working? RT @MIAMICRIMLAW: Some people need to ask themselves “Why am I on Twitter?” #
  • If I twittered every time I got a [web design] client (I’m not practicing law don’t forget), I wouldn’t have time to get clients! ha ha! #
  • Kind words and a gun get you farther than just kind words alone. ~~ Al Capone #
  • Lord I feel a blog post coming on. #
  • I intensely dislike and usually unfollow people who twit about minutiae of their lives. #
  • Tweeps I forgive your attempts to shorten words, grammar and spelling mistakes, after all, it’s Twitter, not Advanced English 205. #
  • RT @amerikanka U.S. economic woes have ripple effect on world as NASDAQ downgrades Serbia from Stable to Negative. http://tinyurl.com/9w6wju #

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