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  • RT @StephenTianoI [re #iranelection] I’d like to think people there are looking to a future of peace & promise. http://is.gd/10VSH – Me too. #
  • RT @SashaKane RT @BreakingNews: AP: latest pictures from Tehran http://www.flickr.com/photos/mousavi1388/ Sad sad sad. #iranelection #
  • Mick Jagger … is a rock star. A web designer … I don’t care who he/she is … is not a rock star. Carry on. #
  • RT @burek: “To find a fault is easy; to do better may be difficult.” ~ Plutarch (And “It’s easier to be critical than correct.” ~ Disraeli) #
  • If you’re a U.S.-based creative, you should know how to spell the word “business.” (No, it’s not just a typo; it’s misspelled twice.) #

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