Who Does She Think She Is?

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Daddy’s Girl, Esq.

Posted by Joni in Daily Grind

There is a very high-powered female attorney at our law firm. She is amazing. A very successful litigator, author of several respected legal treatises, scaler of Mount Kilamanjaro, mover of legal mountains large and small. A woman who swims in the most elegant of social waters. You get the idea.

Her office used to be next to my boss’s office (Bossette #1). What always amazed me about this woman was that as busy and hectic as her docket was, and as many irons as she had in the fire, and as feared as she might have been by her adversaries, when her father would call, I’d hear her answer the phone, “Hi, Daddy!”

It was during those times that I had the most respect for her. Not because she was a successful attorney. Not because she was an accomplished athlete. But because it was when she was in the company of her father she ceased to be anything except his little girl.

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