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CSS and Desist

Posted by Joni in General

Remember that cool trick with CSS mimicking the XML and RDF buttons I raved about a few days ago?

Well, I was working on my web design site (total redesign; for once I decided to go after another of my websites and leave this one alone!) and in the process of making sure my HTML and CSS validated (forget about the HTML validating on any of these MT templates; ain’t gonna happen) it came to my attention that the code for those buttons does not validate. And neither did a few other things on my stylesheet. So I fixed them. If any of you out there are equally anal about those kind of things, then here’s your heads-up.

And if you guys (and gals) wouldn’t mind visiting my redesigned web design site, I’d appreciate any feedback about how it behaves in Netscape (especially older versions) and Mozilla.

P.S. And if you click on the link to the previous article, you won’t see the CSS buttons, since I removed the code from my stylesheet.

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