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Courageous Kiddoes

Posted by Joni in General

I hopped over to A Touch of Hope from Brad Choate’s site. This website was set up so that children with devastating illnesses, like Thomas Pacheco and Carly Rafferty, have a place to tell their stories and so that we can reach out with words of support and encouragement.

And Thomas has his own website. Not only did Thomas contribute the artwork to his site, but he helped design the Touch of Hope site, founded by his father, Ron.

I wish I had half the fortitude these “half pints” have. If by some miracle, they manage to beat this thing, they’ll surely be outstanding young adults and a tribute to their parents’ love. And to all the world. I’m rooting for them. Go pay a visit now. But before you do that, give your own little one(s) a hug.

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