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Close Encounters With a Brave Young Man

Posted by Joni in General

If you read Joanie‘s blog, you will know that she recently posted about a young blogger, Zander. Zander pulls no punches. He’s a young man who tells it like it is, whether the story is pretty or not. And it’s often not.

Zander has recently been struggling with some bad news. News that he has an aggressive form of leukemia. But Zander, in true zanderkind fashion vows to weather this storm too. And my money’s on him. He’s got a great spirit and a positive attitude. And he’s got folks IRL who truly care about him, not to mention the online community.

Go visit his site. If you’ve got any non-mainstream links about cancer and/or cancer survivors, share those with him. I’m posting a few below.

And one more thing. I never blogrolled Zander. That was purely an oversight. You see, my blogroll reading paths follow certain patterns. Some journals I just automatically go to from two or three of my “core” sites I visit every day such as Joanie, Acidman (yeah, I’ll throw him a link today; after all, it’s his birthday), and Sugarmama. And from there, there are a certain few sites that THEY link to that I follow but for some reason, these sites never make it to my own blog roll! (Just too lazy?)

Anyway, for Zander, here are some links to articles and journals by and/or about cancer survivors. (I’m one, too, so I know what he’s going through right now.)

  1. My Hodgkins Journal … great page with LOTS of links to journals by young people coping with this disease and other Hodgkins-related links. (If you don’t check out any other link, check out this one!)
  2. Children’s Progress … online magazine sponsored by the Children’s Hospital Medical Center of Akron (PDF file).
  3. Milwaukee Journal-Sentinal article about teens coping with cancer.
  4. Brooke Roundy … This young California woman began battling skin cancer as a teen.
  5. Squirrel Tails Resources … a great links page for journals of teens battling cancer of all kinds.

Hope this will get you started!!

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