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Child “Rearing” Gone Wrong?

Posted by Joni in General

I found this courtesy of Gary the Right Wing Texan. It is a heinous example of what happens when presumably well-meaning people don’t know how to parent. These foster parents were caught on tape beating their foster son.

Contrast that with this story about a foster father accused of smothering his infant foster son. Since this story aired, the father has been acquitted. Happened right here in Houston, too.

And then again, there are monsters like the parents of this boy, who died after apparently being starved to death and thrown out of his house. It’s just sickening.

I’ve always wondered what kind of parent I’d be. I got a chance to find out when I lived with a man for three years who was the sole parent of a pre-teen boy. You haven’t LIVED until you’ve lived with such a creature. I learned skills that a high-powered litigator would value. Such as asking the right question.

The question, as I asked it, was: “Did you brush your teeth?” What I should have asked was: “Did you brush your teeth today?”

I could go on. And will, probably, another day!

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