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Changes Everywhere!

Posted by Joni in General

I took a peek at Liberty’s blog and I notice she must have been hard at work revamping her site too (nice, but I liked the green ivy leaf theme a bit better). Is it the change in seasons that makes us want to change our surroundings? What is it with this constant need to change, redecorate, etc.? As was said in the movie “The Women,” when women get bored with themselves, they hire a decorator. Men just go have affairs. They never think of something as simple as redecorating their offices. Perhaps they should! Ha ha ha!

Though it didn’t start this way, this post is turning into a plug for Liberty, but I do so love her Top Ten Annoyances. I’ll have to start one of those too!

And of course I can’t mention new and improved blogs without mentioning the blog of a good buddy of mine, Da Goddess. I love the new design and she’s also abandoned Blogger in favor of Movable Type. Good choice, Joanie! And your blog rawks!

Okay. Let’s see. Have I left anyone out? Well. There’s Acidman’s blog. But wait! He hasn’t changed it lately. Well, perhaps Joanie and I should double-team him. Kind of a “Trading Spaces” for blogs, except we only do his, he cannot touch ours. Just sit helplessly by while we hack at the code, upload vile images and create cheesy banners…. Joanie, you up for this?!

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