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Chair-ity Begins at Home

Posted by Joni in General

Here’s another example of why I just can’t stand my neighbors. As you know from a previous post, I cleaned off my front porch and my patio chair. Well, last night I was in the front room working on the computer. I decided I better check the mail. When I leaned out my door and grabbed the mail out of the mailbox, I immediately noticed the chair was missing.

Since the people next door seemed to be out in their front yard barbecuing, I stuck my head around the corner. Sure enough, a woman (about 30-35 years old) was sitting in my chair. She acted incredulous, and said, “Oh, do you want your chair back?” I said, “Eventually.” She said, “Well, we didn’t know if you were home and we didn’t want to bother you.” (Good grief! Is that the best you can do?) I said, “Oh, you wouldn’t have been bothering me to ask me if you can borrow my belongings.” (It’s called asking permission, duh!)

And the thing is, if she’d just tapped on my door and said, “Can I use this chair for awhile” I probably wouldn’t have had a problem with it. (But of course, now, we’ll never know.) But to just walk up and take something, and then when confronted on it, just say you didn’t want to disturb the person. That takes gall of a special magnitude. And from someone old enough to know better. And this is the example they set for their children.

What really chapped my a$$ about this whole episode was that I immediately offered her the green molded plastic chair, since I was trying to get rid of it anyway. She looked at me, snorted and said, “That thing? I’d never sit in that thing, it’s not comfortable.”

Maybe I’m overreacting. It’s just a chair. (But I also quickly glanced back over to my porch to be sure that my barbecue/smoker was stil there! It was.)

What would you have done?

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