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There are going to be some changes here as I clean house and spiff up the blog and the rest of the site. Included in this housecleaning are:

  1. Reinstalling WordPress in the ROOT so that there’s no splash page to click through.
  2. Creating a template similar to my “minimalist” template on my old jonielectric.com web site. This had a navigation bar at the top with links to the rest of the site (e.g., archives, contact me, skins page, links, etc.). This will allow me to feature writing on the main page, and if you want to explore my link lists, you can do so by clicking on that page. In other words, no more long, leggy sidebars!
  3. I also want to feature some skin designs on this blog because I’d like to attract some design work from the WordPress crowd.
  4. I’m going to burn my wallpaper images to CD and dispense with the Gallery. It’s taking up over 300MB of space on my server, and for what?
  5. When I reinstall WordPress, as silly as this may seem, I want to install from the Fantastico installer because I believe it’s still using 1.02 (Miles) and not 1.2 (Mingus). I loved the earlier version because the blacklist plugin worked great with it, and I could use the one-touch backup plugin. Those were lost when I upgraded to Mingus last month. So I want it back the way it was.

Here’s a screenshot of one of the new cleaner designs…

Sample of New Clean Design

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