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Hate-Oh NATO

Posted by Joni in Serbia

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From Ilic Branko:

On this day 30. May, 1999.: NATO committed a horrible crime on a bridge in Varvarin, Serbia In that attack were killed 10 civilians, while 16 of them sustained serious injuries. The first attack killed three people and at least five wounded. A few minutes later, the aircraft returned and fired two more missiles that left seven people dead who in the meantime come to the bridge to help the victims of the first attack.

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We Must Not Forget…

Posted by Joni in Politix, Serbia


While I try to keep postings light on this site, sometimes you have to shine a light on the ugly. Tomorrow (March 24) will mark the anniversary of the beginning of the NATO bombing of Yugoslavia, an onslaught that lasted 78 days. While it was explained away to the rest of the world as an humanitarian act, NATO bombed civilian bridges, water supplies and power centers. Humanitarian? Hardly.

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Don’t Mess With A Balkan Boy

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They’re tough as nails and always ready with a snappy retort. My bestie can shut me up the way no one else ever has or could. It’s a proven fact. Need more proof you shouldn’t mess with a Balkan male? Read on!

Shepherd Tangles With Bear; Defends His Flock

Forty-eight year old Blazo Grkovi? from the village of Vrba in Gacko attacked a large brown bear with his axe when the bear threatened Grkovi?’s flock of sheep, which he was tending in the pasture in Volljak.

The shepherd sustained injuries all over his face and arms. His wife made the comment that you could tell from the condition of his shredded clothing that it was a long and vicious battle.

Grkovi joked that all the bears will now be moving away from Herzegovina, fearing for their safety.

10-4, Little Buddy!

Romanian poker player Cristian Dragomir goes up against “The Poker Brat,” Phil Helmuth, with nothing more than a 10 and a 4, while Phil has an Ace and a King. Watch what happens. The priceless quote from this, from Dragomir: I’m an idiot with a stack!.


A Date With A Russian Mobster

Posted by Joni in About Him, Serbia, Video


Well, not really. I was looking on one of my storage drives for something and stumbled onto this old video snippet from when my bestie, Ivan, was visiting me from Belgrade, Serbia. We were in my car, his friend was driving, he was riding shotgun and no one was paying attention to the GPS on the dashboard (least of all me, since it was set to converse in their native language, Serbian!). I was explaining the vicissitudes of valet parking.

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Burek.com: Now Entering Its Second Decade!

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Huge congratulations, hugs, kisses, backslaps, all go out to my friend, Ivan, founder and curator of the largest Internet forum in Serbia, Burek.com, celebrating its 11th year today. The forum grew from being just a tiny spark of imagination in early 2002 to the thriving behemoth forum (it’s the largest forum running on Simple Machines Forum software) it has become today, with over 1.7 million registered users. It’s been a long path of personal commitment, sacrifice, sweat and tears. But I hope my friend thinks it is all worth it. Congratulations, buddy. You done good.