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We Must Not Forget…

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While I try to keep postings light on this site, sometimes you have to shine a light on the ugly. Tomorrow (March 24) will mark the anniversary of the beginning of the NATO bombing of Yugoslavia, an onslaught that lasted 78 days. While it was explained away to the rest of the world as an humanitarian act, NATO bombed civilian bridges, water supplies and power centers. Humanitarian? Hardly.

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The Serbs Choose War

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It’s the title of a book, now sadly out of print, but still found on the net and elsewhere, if you’re willing to spend some time to look. And you should. It’s an excellent book, written by Ruth Mitchell, sister of U.S. aviation pioneer Brigadier General William “Billy” Mitchell. It gives a first-hand, harrowing account of the Nazi bombing of Yugoslavia during Word War II. Ruth Mitchell was so profoundly moved by her experience during this devastating period that she dedicated proceeds from this book to help the Serbian people recover. From the book:


…Hurrying through a narrow choked passage, I came upon a sight I wish I might never have seen, for it will haunt me while I live.

The Germans, with their careful maps, had gone especially for the air-raid shelters (very few in this “open” city) —and especially for those meant for school children. Here in a little park one of these had received a direct hit. The hole was enormously deep. Trees uprooted lay tumbled as in the old game of spillikins.

And in their branches were parts of human bodies, arms, legs, heads — so small, so small — which other humans, their mothers and fathers, dazedly heavy and fumbling of movement, were slowly trying to collect

The book is hard to find, but if you search eBay and Amazon.com, you can find copies in decent (readable) condition for prices ranging from $25-$200. You can read some excerpts online.

Hat tip to Alexzandra Rebic at GeneralMihailovich.com.


A Voice of Reason in the Fog

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Jonathan Davis puts forth a rare positive view of the Serbian people in this Kosovo conflict. Bravo, Jonathan. Among the gems of wisdom in this article:

For the last 15 years decent Serbs have been in exactly the same position as that of decent Muslims since 9/11. In the case of Muslims the actions of Islamists and other terrorists acting in the name of Islam have led to the majority of Muslims — completely innocent people — being unfairly branded as extremists and mass murderers.

The fact that all sides committed atrocities during the Balkan wars, and that the Serbs also suffered terribly, is obscured by the West’s unbalanced focus on Serbian war crimes in both the media and the ICTY, the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia. The Western media have consistently under-represented or ignored crimes against Serbs, while uncritically reporting even the most ludicrous of anti-Serb allegations.

The fact of the matter is that most Americans don’t really know what happened there, what the real motives were for the 1999 bombings and our other unwarranted and uninvited forays to the Balkans. Reading up on history, and not taking U.S. media at face value will go a long way toward putting yourself on the path to enlightenment. Once there, you’ll see that the U.S., the U.N. and NATO have no moral legs to stand on.

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Thousands March in NYC to Say: ‘Kosovo is Serbia’

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By John Catalinotto
New York: Published Mar 6, 2008 9:22 PM

A march more than five blocks long went from Dag Hammarskjold Plaza, near the United Nations, through Times Square and past Madison Square Garden to protest the U.S. theft of Serbia’s Kosovo. Many New Yorkers and tourists watched with interest as the marchers went on their way to the St. Sava Serbian Orthodox Church on 25th Street near Broadway.

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Kosovo is independent? Someone pass me the crack pipe, please. According to Dictionary.com, independent means:

* * *
4. not dependent; not depending or contingent upon something else for existence, operation, etc.
5. not relying on another or others for aid or support.
6. rejecting others’ aid or support; refusing to be under obligation to others.
7. possessing a competency: to be financially independent.

For nearly a decade, Kosovo has been under the authority and control of UNMIK, a United Nations led civil administration bureau who has failed miserably at its stated “missions” as found under “Duties” and “Criticisms” in this Wikipedia article. Electricity is still sporadic, as the original news article bears out; since UNMIK arrived on the scene, Kosovo has been used as a place from which young Slavic women are trafficked as prostitutes, most notably from Romania, Bulgaria and the Ukraine. Minority Serbs living in Kosovo are not being protected, as UNMIK was supposedly beholden to do, and in fact ethnic violence there is rampant.

Independent? Not hardly; they’ll still be reliant on UNMIK, NATO and others for handouts for years to come. Why is everyone patting themselves on the back for this “bold” move? I, for one, am not an American who will sit back and cheer for independent Kosovars. The media only tells part of the story. The real people involved, those whose lives are affected, know the score. And the score is: Kosovo: 0; Serbia: 0. It’s a wash, folks.


A Moderate Muslim

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Once again, Greg (a/k/a A Moron Abroad) comes through with another gem of a link and some background information. This time, it’s Denmark’s Naser Khader. Khader’s site is in Danish (naturally), but he’s started translating some of his writings into English, foremost among them this Declaration by Newly Founded Moderate Moslem Network. Its goal is summed up nicely in the Declaration’s final paragraph:

It is our hope that our example here in Denmark will make Moslems around the world react and follow our lead. Only by uniting, can we change the fundamentalistic picture of Islam that the many extremists have drawn with violence.