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Cry Me a River

Posted by Joni in General, Poetry

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I just had a very cathartic cry, upstairs in my office. I put on the saddest song I know (“Shattered” by Trading Yesterday), and just let the tears flow, taking with them all the pain, anguish, uncertainty, confusion, sorrow, and every negative thing I had in me. I mean it was a real snot-fest, with huge racking sobs that probably startled the cat. (In fact she’s still keeping a watchful eye on me from her chair across the room.)

And when I was done, I washed my face and poured myself a nice glass of Diet Dr Pepper. I feel much better now. The decks have been cleared and I can focus once more. Like a thunderstorm clears the air and waters the grass, so too do tears have healing properties.

As reason clouds my eyes // with splendor fading // Illusions of the sunlight // And the reflection of a lie will keep me waiting // Love gone for so long…