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A is for Apple; Z is for Zune

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Anyone who truly knows me knows how important music is to me. I must have it wherever I go, in every room in the house. The TV? Not so much.

So tonight, I sat down to my computer to try to get four songs I’d downloaded from Apple Music/iTunes onto my computer to (1) burn to CD to listen to on my revamped sound system, and (2) transfer them to my Zunes. (Yes, plural.)

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i-Fan of the i-Phone

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I finally caved last week and purchased an iPhone 4 now that my cellular carrier, Verizon, started offering them back in February 2011. My friend and business partner has been in love with them pretty much since they first came out, in mid-2007. Honestly, I’ve never heard him go on about a woman the way he went on about that damn phone. And as much as he’s been right about nearly everything, I still resisted. I have been a Palm OS fan since the early 2000s, when I got my first CLIE PDA. (That’s back when everyone thought the PDA was the be-all, end-all of existence; and that fad passed soon enough. So too, would the iPhone, thought I!)

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I’m sitting here bleary eyed in front of the computer for another hour and a half waiting to pounce on the YACCS server so I can sign up to get free commenting software. Which I may live to regret. Either no one will comment, or someone will tell me something I don’t want to hear. I don’t know if I’ll be able to hold out that long. The YACCS server only allows 100 new signups a day. That is 25 every six hours. Do the math. They are coming in droves…. Zzzzz.