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A Book Review and a History Lesson

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I went Googling for a good book review of Diana Johnstone’s Fool’s Crusade, because it is my most-recommended book to anyone wishing to learn what really happened during the NATO bombings of the 1990s without the spin and cover-up by mainstream media, paticularly U.S. media. I found this great review by Louis Proyect.

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Jubilate Agno

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Greg at My Life as a Fischer has a sidebar link to Ten Cat-mandments. They reminded me quite a bit of a poem by an 18th century poet (whom some called a madman), Christopher Smart, “Jubilate Agno” (Rejoice in the Lamb), which is over 1200 lines long! He adapted the exhalted form of the responsive readings in the Anglican Church liturgy to write, in part, about an ordinary subject, his cat, Geoffrey. I have excerpted some of this fantastic poem. I have yet to find it in its entirety, on the Web or elsewhere:


A Rich Bounty

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I found this story while surfing the net…. From a strictly literary standpoint, this piece of fiction has many flaws. Still it is a good read and shows promise. Not that I know a damn thing about what makes a good writer; suffice it to say this is no Stephen King or Ann Rice. But it is still interesting. See what you think.