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Cat Fight Taken to the Nth Power.

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As if Houston and its surrounds haven’t suffered enough bad press already what with Enron, etc., here’s some more. Prominent Friendswood dentist confronts her orthodontist husband and his paramour in the parking lot of a posh Clear Lake hotel, runs over him three times (a job worth doing is worth doing well, I always say). He died from his injuries.

Sad thing is all this was done while his 16-year old daughter from his previous marriage was in the front seat with her step-monster (er, step-mother) while this was going on. She’s hired the same lawyer that represented Andrea Pia Yates (of kid-drowning fame). We’ll just sit back and see what he can do for her. Personally, I hope he doesn’t try the “temporary insanity” ploy. When will people start taking responsibility for their own actions?! Do the time, pay the crime. She had plenty of time to think about what she was doing and come to her senses while she was running her husband over for the second and third time….

Obviously, he had “come clean” and told her about the affair and his desire to end the marriage. For once, a man comes forward and is straight up with his wife about something and look what he gets for it. Bet the rest of the cheating husbands out there will take heed and keep their big yaps shut from now on! What she don’t know won’t hurt him.

Read the story in the Houston Chronicle. The front-page story has been removed. But there’s plenty of new reading about it in The Chronicle.

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