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Can You Spell….

Posted by Joni in General

asshole? I knew that you could. Blogdom’s latest scourge is the blogger who goes sniffing around this blog and that correcting their spelling, grammar and anything else that isn’t up to the purest of standards.

It’s irksome at the very least; like a fly buzzing around my tail as I (attempt to) read blog entries and comments.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I love the written word as much as the next person. Always have. I make my living in a field where good writing is rewarded. (Oh, and a few cases on your side won’t hurt either.) So I appreciate anything I read, whether it is in print or on my computer screen, that is well thought out, grammatically correct and free from misspellings. This is doubly true of anything web-based that I intend to repose my trust (or at least my credit card information) in. So of course badly put together web design sites fraught with misspellings and bad grammar do send me straight up that padded wall.

But thankfully, I don’t get my shorts in a twist every single time I come across a misspelled word on someone’s blog or comment. (Although I did correct someone’s misspelling tonight merely to make a point about it.) Were I to do so, I fear I’d have time for little else. So I try to enjoy people’s writings, along with their foibles and human imperfections, as much as I can. The act of correcting someone’s grammar or spelling, in and of itself, does not prove how smart they are. But making reference to someone’s size or age just for the sport of it (or because you can think of nothing else to indict them with) might go a long way to prove up just how stupid a person really is. In other words, you’re just doing my work for me. I didn’t have to strain MYSELF unduly (or get off my fat ass) to illustrate YOUR stupidity. Now that’s pretty clever.

It was summed up best in a line spoken by Randal, from my favorite movie, “Clerks.”

There’s nothing more exhilarating than pointing out the shortcomings of others, is there?

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