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Calling a Spade a Spade

Posted by Joni in General

Acidman went and did it again. He dared speak what some other people, myself included, were just thinking:

Life is out there people. It’s more difficult for some than it is for others, but you’ve just got to grab it and growl. If you fall on your ass, it’s you OWN DAMNED FAULT. Stop looking for excuses for your own fuck-ups.

This is true no matter WHAT COLOR you are, red, black, brown, yellow, white. It doesn’t matter. Playing the race card is just plain dirty pool. There’s a lot of slacking off, especially in the workplace, by certain people simply because they know they can get away with it. And why is this? Because corporate America is scared shitless to fire anyone, even with just cause — and in Texas, my pretties, you don’t need a reason; it’s employment at will here.

Just look at the number of wrongful termination and discrimination suits that end up clogging the court system. Not to mention the ones that are settled, quietly, before hitting the courthouse steps.

My momma raised me to do my best on the job and elsewhere and everything else would take care of itself.

Segregation is bad; discrimination (TRUE discrimination) is bad; being INCOMPETENT is bad; and what is worst of all is being allowed to hide behind your race to skirt the consequences of it. And it’s an affront to every honest, hard working person of color out there who is struggling to play by “the rules,” whatever they may be. And it’s things like THAT that make me see red.

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