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Busy Bee.

Posted by Joni in Daily Grind

The past two weeks have been, in a word, rough! Started working for my new assignment right after the Independence Day holiday. Been working late every night just to keep my head above water and my sanity intact. (I’ll let you know if its working next week!) My birthday (July 13) came and went fairly uneventfully. When you get older, that’s how you like it. Quite frankly, I was relieved that my bosses didn’t have a cake for me on Friday. For several reasons: (1) I’m way to busy to stop and eat; (2) I don’t particularly care for “forced socialization,” and (3) I really don’t need any more sugary stuff. I’m supposedly diabetic, but I really don’t believe what the doctors say. I do know that I feel much better when I curtail my sugar intake, tho! Go figure!!

(To be continued on company time….)

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