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Browser Face-Off (PC World)

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There is a disappointing review in my January 2006 issue of PCWorld discussing the Big Three (IE, Firehog Firefox, and Opera). Disappointing because it fawns over IE and Firefox, basically ignoring Opera.

Mozilla browsers (of which Firefox is but one) have been around since the fish walked, but Firefox itself is a younger browser than Opera. (Someone, please correct me if I am wrong.) Opera has been around in one iteration or another for several years now, it’s not like it just arrived on the scene. Yet it’s treated as an afterthought. The article concedes that there were over three million downloads of Opera last September after it eliminated ads in its free version. But Firefox’s download numbers far exceed Opera’s. This needs to change.

About IE, the article says that it will finally allow tabbed browsing. (Yawn. That’s been around in Opera and FF for awhile now. IE is just now waking up.) About RSS feeds, it says:

IE7 lets you easily find and bookmark an RSS feed on any given Web page, but once subscribed, you have no way to get a quick preview of that feed’s headlines — as you can with Firefox’s Live Bookmarks — so you lose a significant part of RSS’s usefulness.

The article did not mention, but should have, the elegant way in which Opera handles a web site’s RSS feeds.

And here’s a nice crumb for Opera:

In addition, IE7 and the new version of Firefox each offer an easy method for deleting personal browsing data — including the cache history, and saved data from online forms you’ve filled out — via one menu option.

Almost as an afterthought, the article concedes:

The feature already exists in Opera 8.5.

Read the rest of the review here: Browser Face-Off (Jan. 2006 PCWord Magazine)

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  1. Rori

    I might have to try Opera. I was loving Firefox, but it is a ram-eating twat.


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