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Broadband and the Broad…. (Where’s the Band?)

Posted by Joni in General

I love broadband. BUT the nitwits in Tech Support whom I spoke to last Friday (a week ago!) assured me that I could run my CGI scripts on my RoadRunner webspace. They were lying. As plain as day in my documentation, not only can I not run CGI scripts, I cannot use Telnet (they are worried about hackers)….

So I signed up with this highly recommended hosting service, which a fellow blogger uses. I found both the blogger and the hosting service by lurking in the Usenet group alt.html.critique. I’m grateful. For $45 a year I get 50MB of web space (hey, that’s plenty for me and my measly photos of my cats and the car; I’m not running a Napster server from it!), CGI scripting, SQL, all the goodies. I am so thrilled. And on top of that, I’ll be able to use my kewl new domain name, www.jonielectric.com. Life is good!

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