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Borrowing Trouble

Posted by Joni in General

Now here’s an example of someone who borrows trouble WHERE NONE EXISTS. Her choice of domain name says it all. Is she just looking for trouble? Does she read contention into EVERY post? Apparently so.

Re: the [moxie/moxiepop] shitstorm

I preferred getting de-linked unceromoniously, as opposed to one blogger who called me “Miss Prunella Prissy Pants.”

Ah well, goes to show she doesn’t know me well. The last thing I am on earth is a toss up between a “Miss” or a “Priss”. :) Wait, maybe it was “pissy”. I don’t know. I just wish it was “Pussy”. I would have made it my tagline.

She ponders, in the comments on Dawn’s blog, how inappropriate the name “Miss Prunella Pissy Pants” is for her. How I don’t “know” her. Well, she’s right there. I don’t know her and I’m sure the term doesn’t suit her.

But there’s a damn good reason for that. I hate to burst anyone’s bubble or bruise their ego, but hey, that title WAS JUST SO NOT ABOUT HER. One of her posts was referenced in it, to be sure. But the name itself, as I mention in a post below, was in reference to ME. I was ranting — as is my privilege HERE on my paid webspace — about one of her posts. (Like that has never happened in the Blogosphere!) And of course I knew that more than just a few people would probably take umbrage with it, hence the title of the post.

You know, I’m not going to stir that Moxie pot any more, but the above quote, which was posted YESTERDAY (basically discussing an unfortunate incident that arose many many weeks before that) goes a long way to show that other people are not beyond milking that cow for all it’s worth. Everyone preaches that they want to live and let live, to drop the matter, yet what are they all still yapping about it for?

The funniest thing of all about it, I prefer getting de-linked unceremoniously — she was NEVER ON MY BLOGROLL TO BEGIN WITH!! (Excuse me while I go have a laughing fit here!)

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