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Boil Boil Toil & Trouble

Posted by Joni in General

Ok, I’ve tried being nice. And patient. Really, I have. I’ve worked in customer service for many years & it’s difficult to deal with an angry customer. But I’m this close to going off on Global Internet. This is the FIFTH FREAKING DAY WITHOUT A SITE! I’ve worked my butt off to get what little traffic I have. By the time I’m back online? POOF! I’m sick of it. Any recommendations?


Actually, Joni has kindly told me about Affordable Host. I haven’t seen her site out ever — since I’ve been reading it. And I think – unless GloInt really apologizes – I’ll be switching. Moving is such a pain. I hate to move.

And some advice to Manny – GloInt may be working like crazy behind the scenes. That’s great. But with absolutely no communication your customers won’t know that. Keep us updated and you keep us happy.

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