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Blow it Out Your Bong Hole

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Anthony Adams, a former California State Assemblyman, was quoted as saying salvia can make you do incredibly crazy things. And on the heels of the Miley Cyrus bong scandal (which seems to have everyone in a dither except Miley herself), he’s now renewing efforts to get legislation passed in California to make salvia a Class I Controlled Substance, along with LSD and marijuana. That bill was voted down in 2007 and Adams compromised on selling salvia only to adults.

To all this I say to Anthony Adams: You think salvia can make you do crazy things? Think of all the crazy and deadly things people have done — and continue to do — under the influence of alcohol. Where is your righteous indignation there? Take a look at the title of this post if you really want to know what I think about it.

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