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Blogrolls and Coding and Skins, Oh My!

Posted by Joni in General

Since I did such a great job cleaning the house yesterday, I’ve decided to do some more housekeeping on this blog. The blogrolls are, again, getting way out of hand. There’s just too many good ones out there. What am I to do? It was hard, but I cut some loose. Mostly because, as I’ve mentioned before, they don’t seem to be updated regularly. (Like mine is, but hey, it’s my blogroll and I’ll cut if I want to!) I think I’ll just set up a new category, The Top Ten (I just can’t cut any more; they’re too good and too dear to my heart!!) The Dirty Dozen (why limit myself), The Usual Suspects (after a favorite Kevin Spacey film), and hand-code (the way Acidman codes all his links instead of using Blogrolling.com the way God intended him to do!) my favorite blogs, which aren’t likely to change anyway…. I also moved some of the foreign (non-USA) blogs to a new blogroll called Far Away Friends. I’ll go back in later and add a title attribute showing where each is from…. Much later…. The kitchen is calling me….

Also created three new skins while I was up at the hospital with Robert over the weekend. A clean (in a Zen kind of way) skin with a big chrome questionmark graphic, another fairly clean one with a peach botanical background, and a green-themed clover skin just in time for St. Paddy’s Day.

Now, I’m off to overhaul the kitchen.

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