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I followed a link provided by The Viper herself regarding Google filtering blogs from its search results. From the article comes this quote, which quite frankly puts my pretty pink panties in a twist:

The main problem with blogs is that, as far as Google is concerned, they masquerade as useful information when all they contain is idle chatter,” wrote [Chris] Roddy [undergrad student at the University of Emory]. “And through some fluke of their evil software, they seem to get indexed really fast, so when a major political or social event happens….

(Emphasis supplied.) Okay, so how does this differ from the gazillion trite and mawkish personal web pages out there serving up even more of this tasteless and droll pablum? Every idiot with a copy (bootlegged or otherwise) of Microsnot’s Front Page has fancied himself a web master, with horrifying consequences.

One of the last sentences I quoted is more telling: They seemed to get indexed really fast, especially when a major political or social event happens. And therein lies the rub. THAT is what they are afraid of. A lot of bloggers seem to get the inside scoop on late-breaking news faster than anyone else. They mobilize quickly during these such events and often have information that mainstream media doesn’t have.

I guess if I have to click a tab to get what I want, I’ll do it. But until Google builds a bona fide SHIT filter, we won’t be spared the likes of this or this or, gasp! this. Actually, what we really need is a GEOCITIES filter!

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