Who Does She Think She Is?

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Gina takes a walk down memory lane. Things become a little clearer as she prepares for her husband’s much-awaited homecoming. Rock on, girl!

Greg ponders the senselessless of censors when it comes to song lyrics. Yeah, kinda makes you wanna go [bleep]!

Joan’s gone wild. Wild in Lost Wages, that is. Aside to Joan, I expect pictures, and lots of them. And to answer your question, yes, the chocolate syrup will wash off in the morning.

Jodi has cleared her mind of clutter and we now learn that she’s hogging closet real estate in Manhattan. (And this much to the detriment and consternation of Anna Nicole, there’s no doubt. What’s a girl to do?)

Zalary is back! Found via a link from my buddy, Sheila, who now has a g-string. Oops, I misread. A G-Mail account! And it’s good to know that the inequities that go on in my office also go on where Zalary toils.

Okay, folks. Time for some coffee.

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