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Blackberry Whine

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As most of you know, I work in a mega law firm here in Houston. All the attorneys and a lot of the key management peeps have firm-issue Blackberries. So that emailing can continue well after the person has actually departed their office. I watched in stunned silence while a young associate, intent on her Blackberry screen, ran smack into the marble wall adjacent to the elevator banks. It was all I could do to keep from laughing out loud at her.

So for your amusement, here are a couple of Blackberry videos courtesy YouTube. And if you got a ‘Berry, and want to bling it up a bit, pay him a visit.


  1. Milorad

    Haha… I just want to know how they managed to follow me around with a camera to make the second video.

    I love my blackberry because I use it to avoid being in the office. The problem is when people shackle themselves to technology instead of using it to their benefit :)

    I used PDAs with email long before I started my own business, but you could routinely hear me telling my boss that if he wanted me to work until 9pm, he should get used to me leaving the office around noon.


  2. Joni

    Yep. I don’t have a crackberry, but I have a Treo (Palm) 700 which I love. I bought it to replace my Sony Clie (which I basically used to listen to music, play Bejeweled and read Palm ebooks). Too much crap in my purse, you know. ;)


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