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Being Officious

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My Bossette is out of the office until next Monday (woot!). But she’s left some cleanup projects for me (mostly filing; ugh!). I decided to go ahead and tidy up her office while I was at it. A little job security, hopefully? I took my Mavica to work with me today, and warned my co-workers: I will snap photos at will so be sure your hair’s combed!

Here’s a “before” shot from the doorway….

Another shot with a close up of the pile closest to her work area….

And (drumroll, please) here’s the aftermath, the fruits of my labor so to speak….

Another shot of her work area, after Janitor in a Drum hit….

And finally….
A close-up of her credenza. You can land a plane on that baby now.

But don’t ask what MY workstation looks like….

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